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I, Donita WM is the owner of this blog [].

This blog contains a combination of written and visual content. Everything in this blog (unless stated otherwise) is owned by me and is subject to copyright. You are not permitted to use, sell or copy any of my work for commercial purposes without permission from me.

Visual Content

I would like to confirm that not all visuals in this blog are of my work. The work which are not my work will be referenced wherever it appears on my blog. I will try my best to accurately reference/provide credit to the original author. I use Canva, the online design tool to generate most of my work. As a member of Canva, I have access to free images which is a feature of the online application itself.

Recently I started using Pixabay and Pexels to download free images which does not require a attribution and is free for commercial use. Images which are from Pixabay and Pexels will be not referenced however, images which are not from Pixabay or Pexel will be referenced. Images/photos which are not from pixabay or Pexels or any other website, are of my ownership.

Written Content

Written content (quotes, articles, writing, ideas) present in this blog is of my own work unless stated otherwise. If a certain idea or a extract of text is not written by me, it will be referenced wherever it appears on this blog. Otherwise, all the written work present in this blog are my own work.

Guest Posts/Collaborations

For numerous occasions I have collaborated with other bloggers which involves posting their content on this blog. The work produced by them are not of my own work.

If you find any content that infringes your copyright policies or anything regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to email me using this contact form. To view my privacy policy, click here.

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