In 2018, I was asked to do a small speech in front of 50+ people and I talked okay for the first few minutes however later I realized I forgot the question the head speaker asked me 😬😬

I then literally had a brain freeze and was clueless what to say next. I managed to conclude what I THOUGHT I was talking about and went back to my seat in sheer embarrassment. It was a severely hot day that day and wearing relatively corporate apparel was another mistake! 🔥

This experience made me realize my weakness in public speaking which I really need to improve on to effectively communicate with others as well as to accomplish the dream of being a key-note speaker. I want to inspire others with my words and experiences.

To make this a role success, confidence, and communication is essential. Before this event, I wasn’t asked to deliver a small speech. It was requested out of random.

Unfortunately, my mother told me before to prepare something in case they asked me but clearly I didn’t listen. The moral of the story is to prepare something and listen to your mother! Don’t put your life on the edge by not preparing anything. It is not worth the stress!

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