In high school, I was part of the Student Representative Council (SRC) who is in charge of running events and representing the school body. I remember the day when I was appointed to chair the meeting. This involved sitting in front of the room and speaking to everyone. As a strong introvert, it was overwhelming and I remember stuttering and getting nervous. After the meeting, I felt pretty bad and embarrassed. I guess I felt like I publicly humiliated myself! This event happened five years ago when I was in Year 12. I’m sure that my Year 12 self wouldn’t believe that after five years, I would be more comfortable speaking in front of others as well as putting myself in unfamiliar situations that forced me to improve my communication skills.

What I learned over the past few years is that the more you do something – the more you become confident in doing it. Last year I watched a video by a successful entrepreneur named Sam Ovens. He said that confidence comes from practice and it makes sense why people get nervous when they try new things. Simply because they haven’t done it yet. Reflecting back at the high school SRC meeting – it makes sense now why I was nervous. It was a new situation for me then but now, I have been so involved with many volunteer positions that I am more comfortable in running or leading a meeting. The more volunteer positions I undertook, the more it increased my confidence. 

The increase in confidence has helped my current professional development and it will certainly assist with my future professional development. One must be confident in their abilities to make sure they deliver a task to the best of their ability. Low confidence affects any aspect of their profession. It also affects how they interact with others as seen in my high school meeting experience.


    1. Thank you Ms Michelle 🙂 Exactly! Confidence comes with practice! It is actually a comforting realization, we are capable of great things – we just need to start and keep going. Hope you and your family are doing well. Stay safe ❤

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