Never take quick decisions. Life is unpredictable, a moment you may cry but later you may smile. Don’t lose hope, keep going.

More than two years ago, I wasn’t in the best mental state.

Bad thoughts came to my mind but I managed to sweep it off. To make up my mind I made this gif (see canva post) to hopefully help others with similar negative feelings. And after roughly a year, seeing this gif made me realise how I made a positive outcome from a bad situation.


Normally if I was in a bad situation, a bad outcome would come out of it. But despite the bad situation, I was motivated to make a gif to describe how I feel and hoping other people in this world would understand to stay strong. My aim was to motivate others to be strong despite how awful a situation can be. I believe feelings are temporary and that it can get better hence, a permanent negative decision should be avoided.

I shared this gif in several teenage communities on google+ and there was positive results. Many people liked it and reshared it and some even wrote how they can relate to this which made me feel like I made a positive difference to someone.

Thought it would be a great idea to share this gif here on my blog for those who do not feel the best in terms of mentality. I don’t think anyone in this world is happy all the time, hence it is normal to feel down sometimes. We just need to cope and make mindful decisions. We got to stay strong though it seems impossible. Patience is essential. That’s what I learnt. Patience is what is keeping us alive! One who is patient will experience peace. So hang in there!

I hope you found this gif inspirational and motivating,

I wish you all the best – keep strong.

Kind regards


Originally Published on the 19th of August, 2017


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