Not everyone’s intentions are wholesome. Recently I found out that I was nearly scammed by a person who claims to be a ‘American’ when in reality they were someone from Africa.

There’s always someone who misrepresents their country and puts a bad name to the country. I have two online African friends who are genuine and hardworking people and it sucks how the malicious acts of others ruin the country’s reputation and as a result, cause suspicion on people who are genuine like them.


    1. Hi Eromonsele 🙂 Thank you for your polite comment. My sibling actually saved me! I did feel something fishy but because I am busy with work, I couldn’t really detect their suspicious behavior. There are many awesome people like you who are genuine and it sucks how the minority who commit crimes ruin the reputation for all. Hope you are doing well and appreciate your time commenting on my post 🙂


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