You must value yourself and have a time for yourself to heal, to rest, to recover from whatever life throws at you. You can’t help others when you can’t even help yourself. Create a strong you first.


    1. Hey gorgeous! Has been a while since I last talked to you Capili! How are you doing? Thank you for your lovely comment! This is something I need to tell myself. We first need to attend ourselves before we can help others, helping ourselves first can make it easier to help others. Hope you are having a great festive season! x Doni

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      1. Yes, it has been forever 😊 I’m great. Been busy working and studying a lot. You are most welcome dear ❤️ Yes, it is so true. Christmas has been great. I hope you are enjoying the holidays. I’m excited for 2020 – such a nice number and it will be a new decade x x

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