Hi everyone!

I just recorded myself reading my recent piece of writing! Have a listen if you are interested!




My smile is deceiving.

The outside world does not know what’s happening in my mind.

I’m burning, shaking and moving frantically inside.

No one knows.

Only me.

I’ve searched ways

to make myself happy

but after a long day,

I am left with dissatisfaction.


I am strangled by my own evil deeds.

Lost in ignorance and lack of faith

in the Lord who has excelled all morality.


I’m going to lose everything I currently have

if I don’t do anything to stop this

mental wreckage.


Lack of morality

is the cause of all sorrow.

Once morality is developed,

happiness will follow like the sun.


Good results good consequences hence

may we all fill our lives with good

or we will be strangled by our own evil deeds.

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