Most of us fear failure and as a result, we decide to stay in our comfort zone and think our dreams cannot be attained. That mentality is the result of not accomplishing your dreams. Fear – the fear to fail, the fear to come out of one’s comfort zone, the fear to do anything, the fear to try – are barriers to attain success.

To reach success, you need to try and understand that failure is unavoidable and that failure is a outcome, not a destination or definition. You need to understand that failure can also act as a fuel to motivate you to achieve your dreams.

The successful stories you hear on the media are from people who have failed many times BUT – what makes them special is that despite the failures they encountered, they kept striving, kept going and kept motivating themselves to reach their dreams and ambitions. They are not ‘born’ smart but they manually developed the traits of successful people to ensure they achieve the place they like to be in. Successful people have no excuses. They strive to make things happen and don’t allow circumstances to hinder their motivation to succeed.


  1. Failure is one of the best learning experiences in our lives. It is like exercising your muscles. You can’t get physically stronger unless you push your muscles against some resistance. The same is true for our emotional, intellectual, spiritual and financial strength. Without taking on challenges (in which we may indeed fail), we remain week in these areas of our life.

    Richard Yadon |

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    1. Dear Mr Richard, thank you for your meaningful comment! πŸ™‚ Your first sentence can be even a quote! πŸ˜€ You are very right, if we do not take challenges on a specific area, we will become weak in that area.


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