Just when you thought you were going on the right path, reality hits hard and you realize you were taking the wrong path. One should never conclude that what they do is the right way.

Being confident is fine but thinking blindly despite the true facts is nothing more than purposely fooling yourself. Unfortunately a significant proportion of today’s society are blind or acting blind just to escape ‘reality’ because reality is hard and hurts.  Take it from me! Fiction seems more appealing than reality but really, we are not achieving anything by staying in ‘fiction’. We are only going backwards, not forward.

Bye (for now!)


Originally Published on the 5th of September, 2017.


  1. People never accept the reality, they are always trying to convince themselves by that. But unfortunately, truth is truth in all words and shapes. Accepting it and find a solution for it is much better than running away from it, as it will not be solved. Consequently, leaving the reality and not finding out a solution to sort it out, automatically, troubles and obstacles will be accumulated. And then here is the catastrophic. Thank you for sharing this awesome post. And bye for now😁

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    1. Right you are Mr Hussein! 😀 That’s true, troubles and obstacles will continue to accumulate! The problem would only increase because there is a lack of realistic observation of the issue itself. Sigh. This reminds me of ‘music’. Some people (I was one) listen to music to ‘escape reality’ but in ‘reality’ the problem remains and nothing solved. A few years ago, when I was sad I would listen to music and over the years till now I realize it is useless because the problem hasn’t changed, it is a ‘temporary’ relief. Actually it is not even a relief, it just disturbs the mind from thinking rationally and be in a ‘fantasy world’ I think in my opinion. LOL this post got too philosophical haha but that’s good, we are down to earth than over the moon! 😛

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  2. People living in their own bubble totally out of reality and people convinced their way is always the right one,denying that it might be different ways…….too many of those kind we are surrounded by.

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