Let me tell you something. Whenever there is a break, especially after a school/university semester – the break was not utilized properly. Just a repetition of sleeping immoderately, watching TV, going on the computer, idling around – nothing meaningful, nothing productive. It also reflected my level of awareness/knowledge back then.

A few months ago, after watching a webinar by Sam Ovens – a millionaire businessman – I can tell you that I changed a fair bit (even my brother noticed). I haven’t changed significantly but there is a change, there is some progress. I started reading business books and even started buying them over other things I normally buy – stationary, accessories etc. I try to save money and limit my spending. I started to think about my future more seriously. Before I was pretty blind. I did have a general idea before of how to be more successful but it was not strong enough to take a action immediately.

My mentality changed. My actions started to change. I am now more careful of who I want to be around with. I feed on knowledge now. How did this happen? Just by watching that webinar by Sam Ovens. Not just Mr Ovens but many other entrepreneurs have helped me to make a change to myself. I didn’t even meet any of these entrepreneurs but I read about them and their advice online and on text. They are my online mentors – those who I have not met but their knowledge can be accessed with a click of a button or a page of a book. This is what happens when you learn from the RIGHT people. This is what happens when you gain the right knowledge.

This is what happens when you are at the right environment. Think about it. That webinar was a kick for me, it hit me hard and boosted me to take action. Who you associate with – despite if it is face to face or online, they can really impact your life. For the best or for your greatest downfall. Choose wisely. You got the choice to be with the best, you just to need be mindful and keep on searching.

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