To get respect, you need to give it. A couple of weeks ago, I was walking around the mall with my brother. My brother wanted to use the massage chair which you can pay to get a ‘electronic massage’.

He sat down on one of the massage chairs. The other one was occupied by a elderly man.  I obviously cannot sit near my brother so I sat on a square coffee table. I didn’t have a choice since other seats were taken. A few minutes later, the elderly man stood up and left the seat vacant. I quickly sat on the massage seat.

A few minutes later, the elderly man came back and obviously saw me sitting on the massage chair. He walked past me and sat on the coffee table I previously sat on. The small coffee table was not comfortable at all so I gave up my seat and the elderly man was very appreciative. 

Although this is a simple act, if you are in the same shoes of the elderly man – it does make a difference. Their bodies are weak and sitting down on a comfortable seat can really help. Respect elders just like you respect your parents. 

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