Out of all the people in this world, your parents’ love is far greater and pure. They took care of you when you were small and were hopeless to take care of yourself.

They fed you, cared for you, loved you, ensured you received a good education. Despite any financial difficulties, their priority was you. To treat such parents poorly is a extremely bad deed. They are not worthy of such treatment. One who deserts, harms or even murders one’s parents do not live life happily as such bad deed haunts them till death. They will suffer mentally as regret haunts them till the end.

Parents are more valuable than any gold in this world. Many children value the people they recently met than the parents who they met from the start of their lives! Those who come recently should not be valued more than your parents because parents are priceless and have real unconditional love. You cannot replace parents, even with effort. Treat your parents well whilst they are alive. No one lives forever. Everyone is a mortal, no one is a immortal.

Originally Published on the 7th of January 2018.


  1. Beautiful post.i feel so close to it as in the latest months I am assisting to the negkections by an ungreatful daughter of two elderly person are very special to me and whose only guilt was to give to much.😔

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    1. Thank you ortensia! Wow this is so sad, I feel so sorry for such poor elderly people. Aren’t you a lovely person to help them out. Keep it up, it is such a great deed which you will accumulate its positive consequences in this life and beyond!

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