Hi everyone!

Last year I announced that I will be doing a Q&A session where you ask me a question and I will answer it via a audio file. I received several questions and will be sharing my answer to one of the questions.

Today I will be sharing my answer to Mr Righteousbruin9‘s meaningful question;

“Doni, do you believe that a person should be held accountable for errors committed as a youth, even when the person is in their old age?”.

Here is my answer!


Excuse my cough at the end! 😛

Also guys – please remember that this is my view. Your view may be totally different. I am not trying to persuade my views to others. I hope my answer makes sense and feel free to comment your thoughts below. Feel free to leave a question in the comments which I might answer in a future Ask Doni W audio session 🙂

Bye (for now)


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