When I created my account on WordPress for the first time (which was around late 2015), I clearly didn’t know how everything worked. What functions enhances visibility and that people who use WordPress can actually follow my blog!

I didn’t know that I could make a lot of virtual friends and make blogging one of my hobbies where I can share my work and get praise and feedback. WordPress really does wonders. I have been a WordPress blogger for more than three years and I have created more than three blogs. Some have failed. Some have succeed.

Based on the things I have learnt, I would like to introduce a new series of posts called ‘A WordPress Guide for Beginnners on my Design blog called Designo Feedback. The posts in this series will be aimed to help new WordPress users to create and design a decent blog and gain followers quicker. I will announce on this blog when the first blog post on this series is ready to be read 🙂

What kind of tips will I be sharing in this series?

I will be sharing ways to increase audience visibility as well as help you to make your blog more visually appealing to your target audience – all based on my experience as a WordPress blogger and graphic designer. My first post will be on how tags can really increase your blog visibility.

Catch you soon!

Bye (for now),

Doni W


    1. That’s true Mr Nokbew!
      I have tried several web hosting platforms but using WordPress for a blog has become more successful and provided me more visibility to other bloggers and readers! 🙂 Thank you for the follow – followed you back! Nice to ‘virtually’ meet you!


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