After watching a webinar by the entrepreneur Sam Ovans, it is then when I got motivated to actually think about my future career more seriously. I’ve read several success stories of entrepreneurs and what I’ve seen common is their regular reading patterns. They read to increase their knowledge on a particular field.

Noticing this trait, I finally decided to borrow a book from the library and that book was called ‘Motivate to Win’ – a book which I didn’t really take time in choosing, just got it from the shelf – thought the number of pages is enough to read in my spare time whilst studying. Just like Sam Ovan’s webinar, this book not only motivated me to be a entrepreneur and think of my future career more seriously but taught me valuable lessons in managing people as well as oneself.

I started reading again but this time, non-fiction books. I used to read a lot of fiction novels in the past but I stopped reading them because it traps me in fantasy and the world that never existed. Because I decided to read again, I can tell you that there is a difference. Knowledge is honestly power. It trains the mind as well as stacks up knowledge which can help you make better decisions in your life.

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