The love of a mother cannot be compared nor replaced. It is disappointing to see that a large number of children in society today send their parents to nursing/aged care homes when they have the ability to take care of them. Clearly genuinely loving and caring for their parents is not a priority.

Last week, I had a tutorial at 3pm. I have to leave the house around 1.45pm so that I can take the shuttle bus to uni and to also, meet my friend who needs help with her assessment.

I went to the kitchen and saw that the sink is stacked with pots and pans. If I leave the kitchen in its current state, my mom is likely to clean up and become more sick from the flu she caught recently.

I had a few minutes left to get ready. Should I get ready, ignore the mess in the kitchen and leave the house to uni? Imagine if someone actually does this? How inconsiderate would this be, letting your unwell mom clean the kitchen when you have the ability to help her out? My mom told me if I could wash some rice to put in the rice cooker. I cleaned the kitchen without telling my mom and did the task my mom asked me and man that felt good.

I left home, more relaxed. If I didn’t do this, I would feel not only guilty but a horrible selfish daughter. I need to take care of my mother whilst she is alive. Nothing is permanent. We need to spend time with people who genuinely value the most. Parents are invaluable hence it is essential we take care of them and give them a reason to smile everyday. I hope this post motivates you to take care of your mother and spend time with her more. Also… don’t forget about your father!

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