I’m not sure how much of my followers know me but I am a coffee enthusiast, especially Cappuccinos! I can’t remember when but recently, I was walking in the station. Some days in uni, I really need a coffee (to stay awake!) so I had cash enough for a coffee when I need it.

I can’t remember exactly but I remember seeing a homeless man and I then realised that I didn’t have extra money – except the money I was planning to use for my coffee. What would you do? Give the coffee money or not give it?

This is what I did, I thought of the consequences of each action: giving and not giving my coffee money. If I gave the money to the homeless man, that would contribute to his living expenses to eat a meal or buy anything essential. If I kept the money, I would enjoy the same coffee I regularly drink.

If I don’t drink the coffee, I won’t starve so I decided to give the money to the homeless man. If I really needed a coffee, I could just go home and make one in a travel mug. But I personally like the way coffees are made in cafe – when you think about it I am paying around $3-4 just to get the creamy part on top of the coffee because that’s my favourite part! It wasn’t hard but a lot of thought into it. I am surprised my mind went through a lot of thinking in a couple of seconds!

I am not suggesting you should do this – it all up to you but thought I share my story to inspire you and encourage you to be generous! Generosity doesn’t induce poverty, stealing does! “Stealing induces poverty” – a wonderful sentence written by the Venerable Denmark Monk, Bhikkhu Samahita. I recommend watching the Venerable Sir’s discussion video on stealing here (very inspirational);


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