I went on my computer today and when I opened my internet broswer, my Momentum tab came up – revealing a quote that seems to speak to me. “Don’t let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life” – Unknown.

I searched this quote on Google and was able to find out that the quote was written by Joubert Botha.Β Wish I read this quote yesterday because I was indeed having a bad day and was going pretty negative.

Momentum doniw.PNGThe quote speaks reality. When we have a bad day, we assume the bad will continue to our life. Just because one day was bad doesn’t mean it will be bad for the rest of our life.Β  Life is a mixture of bad and good and we all have the ability to make it more good. We just need to be positive, patient and strong to move forward in life and to move away from negativity. Thought I share this quote with you guys since it is very meaningful and relatable.


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