Hey guys! Want to have a pen holder which is designed by you? A few months ago, I did a small DIY project – a pen/pencil holder! It is pretty simple and self explanatory but thought I show you how to do it and also provide a step-to-step method.

All you need is three items – all costing $5 which you can find in any discount craft store. You can watch how I DIY it below;

What you will need

  • Rhinestone stickers (9 petal like stickers, 1 circle sticker)
  • Scissors
  • A porcelain glass/pen holder (my one is a toothbrush holder)


  1. Without removing your rhinestone stickers from the sticker paper, cut the 9 petal-like stickers and 1 circle sticker individually.
  2. Now decide how you want to position your flower by putting the circle sticker in the middle and the petal-like stickers around it like a sun. Do this obviously on your desk, not on the glass!
  3. Now get the circle sticker and stick it on to the middle of the glass and do the same with the petal-like stickers.
  4. Make sure the sticker is stuck to the glass well.


  • Make sure you buy rhinestone stickers that have a very sticky back, my one wasn’t that sticky hence very possible for it to fall off.
  • A plastic pen holder would be better as the stickers are likely to stay longer than a pen holder which is made of porcelain.

Hope you liked this DIY and thank you for your support! 🙂



Originally Published on the 23rd of October 2018

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