Don’t know what I mean? What happens when we get angry? Our heart starts to palpitate. Our blood levels hit a strike. Our faces go red. We might get headaches. Tears could pour out. Our body is technically going downhill. When one understands the consequences of anger, if they are wise they will strive to reduce their anger.


  1. I have rarely been irrationally angry, but I do know that I’ve been fortunate to have had someone nearby who has helped me through the calm-down process, in all but one or two cases. Those few “solo” events have been handled through deep breathing and journaling. These days, I am quite mellow and turn to both deep breathing and meditation to settle myself, if I feel anxiety rising.

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    1. That’s great that you had the support to have someone who helped you cope with anger, unfortunately I don’t think I ever had one – most of them are just adding more anger to me! That’s great Mr Righteousbruin9, deep breathing and journaling is a great way to put your mind away from thinking negative thoughts. Meditation is a more long term relief, those who meditate are more happier and peaceful.

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