This head

comprising of near infinite thoughts

hurts as if

there is a tight band around it

and squeezing it.


Most of the time,

it is hard to fully comprehend

what kind of pain it is

and where exactly it hurts.


Sometimes the pain

travels part of the head

like a busy shopper

who is not satisfied with one store.


It is hard to concentrate

since the pain is hard to ignore.



if one has the ability

to think wholesome thoughts

whilst experiencing

a unpleasant sensation

– that person

is indeed wise.


We must have the ability

to think wholesome thoughts,

regardless of the circumstance.


Wholesome thoughts

will lead us to

a favorable destination.

I currently have a headache – those irritating ones where you have to sleep to fully remove it. To temporarily reduce it, need to take some painkillers. Sigh. Disease indeed is inevitable. If we can be mindful in the worst situation, now that takes special strength. If I could think rationally, regardless if I have a headache or not – now that is strength. Pure strength. Strength should be present regardless of the circumstance.


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