Think about it. Think about someone you really dislike. How often do you remember their good qualities? Very less likely, yeah? When you think about it, hatred can be blind.

Hatred naturally attracts thinking about a person’s weaknesses than their strengths. Sometimes hatred can even forget the good qualities of the person. One of my relatives are very rude to me and said hurtful things about my physical appearance but when I think about it, she helped my mother take care of me when I was small and helped my mother in times of need. Should I really forgot the good deeds she did based on one hurtful thing she did to me? What is your answer?

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  1. Great observation Doni! When we hate someone it’s all the negative and bad things which start coming to mind when thinking about that person. Everyone has good and bad qualities but we end up biased towards bad and overlooking the good when we hate some and even the reverse happens…when we love someone we only focus on the goodness and ignore the bad things…i guess it’s how human nature is…and it really takes effort to look beyond what is visible to what other things lie behind a virtual wall love/hatred…we should always keep the other side in mind as well before evaluating or taking any decision. We sometimes completely forgot what good a person may have done for us in the past and only when we lose that person do we realize that it was not really worth it to measure the small current badness with a big amount of but forgotten goodness….i myself have observed this that when i hated someone i only focussed on the bad things and the more I thought the more bad things came into focus …but then when i forced myself to rethink i did realise the other good aspects which i had started to overlook…so i would say keep both the observations equal and measure and see what was more impactful…

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