Have you heard of pigeon management? According to Urban Dictionary, it is technically when a manager who ‘flies’ in, drops ‘undesirable stuff’ [e.g. faeces] all over what you do and flies out.

Clearly they do not solve organisational problems – they just blame others and sees no fault in themselves. Clearly this type of management is useless and inefficient and can contribute failure to the organisation. So therefore, never be a pigeon manager! No offence, pigeons! I got no grudge against you – this is just a term I learnt from a inspirational management book by Richard Denny!


    1. Hello Huguetta! 😀 Thank you for reading my post – it is nice to virtually meet you! I learnt about this term in a business book called ‘Motivate to Win’ by Richard Denny – I didn’t know this term either but after reading this book, it realised how it describes some of the behaviors of people I met in my life! I am sorry to hear that you encounter regular pigeon management situations :/ It can get really frustrating – I totally understand + relate! Hopefully the pigeon managers you meet will fly away quickly! 😉

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      1. Nice to virtually meet you as well Doni 🙂 It was a pleasure reading your post and learn something new! Thank you for sharing the source as well. will add it to my reading list.
        Oh yes, we have plenty of them here, no leaders just bosses with bossy attitude and we’re carrying umbrellas these days because we can’t handle all this hahah

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      2. Hi Huguetta! 🙂 I totally recommend reading that book – it talks about how to motivate others along with management principles in a humorous tone of writing. It really gave me a reality check so definitely recommend you to read it 🙂 That’s so true, no leaders – just bosses with attitude. Since we cannot change people, best to become our own boss and start a business! Always think entrepreneurial! It is the best and less traveled path! 🙂 May your life be free from pigeon managers!

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      3. Thank you so much for these valuable advises 🙂 Totally right, and for sure we can’t change people especially business owners and managers…
        Yes sure will read that book and hope one day will be able to start a business, it is the best and less traveled path, I agree.
        I wish the same to you 🙂 Thank you so much for the valuable interaction 🙂

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