Can I tell you that


can be extremely frustrating?


Miscommunication not only

is frustrating

but it also destroys relationships

between people

whether it is between

a client and a graphic designer,

a sibling and a sibling,

a friend and a friend or even

a student and a teacher.


The relationship you had with them

will no longer be the same.

Anger and negativity

will be attached to that individual

because of the negative communication

experience with them.


If you fail to deliver a clear message –

don’t expect the message receiver

to interpret your message correctly.


It is not their fault,

it is YOU.

Be humble

and sit down

and own up your fault.

Just because you understood

your message

doesn’t mean the receiver will.


Make it simple,


and readable.

Don’t make your message

a puzzle to the receiver.

Don’t expect them

to interpret your

confusing message.


Do the world a favour

and make your message simple

and actually take the time

to think whether your message

will be interpreted correctly.


  1. “Just because you understood
    your message
    doesn’t mean the receiver will.”
    So true words! They have hit me many times in my daily work for one simple reason – I know all facts and details about the situation in the message. The reader knows only that ones which are written.
    Sorry, if my mind disturbed the true meaning of this phrase by taking it out as a separate thought,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Toridun! 😀 Thank you very much for commenting on my post!
    Don’t be sorry! Nothing to be sorry for! 🙂

    Thank you for your nice comment! This whole post was written after a negative experience with a person who requires immediate communication improvement! They know what they talking about but they expect me to know it! That’s so true, only the reader knows only that ones which are written! If this world needs to be changed, communication is in the list! 😛


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