The past few years, most of my free time was used for activities which bring little benefit for my future and recently I thought I finally change myself and strive to develop the habits of successful businessman and businesswomen. One of the habits of successful people in general is regularly reading books. Not only do you gain knowledge from reading books but also a different perspective which will of course challenge your own.

I believe sticking into our own perspective will not help us reach far in life. We need to constantly challenge our perspective to ensure we mold it for the better. Yesterday I finished a book written by Richard Denny ‘Motivate to Win‘. Since I lack motivation :P, I thought this book was a good read and it was!


This book was so good that I brought it online for a couple of bucks. The best investment I made in a while! I decided to buy books like this in a regular basis so that I obviously gain more knowledge to improve myself as well as use the knowledge gained to help others. Knowledge really is power. 

I recently brought another book by the entrepreneur Shama Hyder called ‘The Zen of Social Media Marketing’. She is one of the people who motivate me to be a businesswoman and thought I finally buy one of her award winning books! So in conclusion – read more and acquire knowledge. You can never learn enough!


  1. That is so true. Reading a book or listening to a good pod cast can help us learn and achieve so much more. It’s one habit we should all instill into our lives. Great post. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you Ms Devinder for reading my post! That’s true, podcasts are great too! New knowledge should be gained without the limitation of one medium – books, podcasts, documentaries, even informational flyers can really boost our knowledge! 🙂 What matters is we never stop learning and improving ourselves 🙂


    1. Hello Mr Sunith! 😀 Thank you very much for the recommendation, I am going to look into buying that book! Thank you! The book I read was pretty good, I recommend it – it was humourous and to the point! =)

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