Think about it. When you are angry, did you notice any changes in your body?

Did you notice any changes in your mental state? Your food choices? Changes in your body functioning? Emotions are powerful and must be controlled to ensure it doesn’t damage our health. If negative emotions are harmful, it is clear that positive emotions are beneficial.

Hi everyone!

I hope you guys liked the quotes posted this month. The theme was clearly health and fitness. I hope you guys found them meaningful. Now in March, quotes will be focused on Business and Leadership. I hope these quotes are thought-provoking as well and encourages you to be a entrepreneur!

Wish you all a productive week!

Bye (for now)


P.S Stay tuned for the #ASKDONI audio session!


  1. They sure are! And they impact our well being more than anything else. It’s something we all have to be aware of. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts. Love your blog.

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