Hi everyone! Do you got a question to ask me?

To make this blog more interesting and more engaging, last year I decided to introduce a new audio series where I answer someone’s question in-depth. This can include my views on a particular topic, how I dealt with a situation, what would I choose over this – that type of questions. The recent Q&A was fun to record so thought I continue this sequence of me actually recording myself when answering your question.

Please leave a question in the below comments section and your question may be featured in a future #chatwithdoniw audio session! I would like to specially thank Sifar for motivating me to do a audio series where you will hear my actual voice! I appreciate your support and friendship! Thank you!

Before you go, please take note of the following;

  • Make sure your questions are not racist, inappropriate, personal e.g. “Doni, how much do you weigh?!” A  better question could be “What ethics do you follow?”
  • Just to let you know, I am no expert. I am just a goofy judgmental business student. My opinions and views may not collide with yours.
  • This audio session is shared just for fun, interaction and opinion.
  • There is no guarantee that your questions will be answered, only the questions I select will be answered (please don’t take it personally).
  • Ask questions like this; “What are your views on corporate social responsibility”. Questions which will be lead to a in-depth and meaningful discussion.

Bye (for now) and thank you all for your support!



      1. Dear Mr Righteousbruin9 – thank you very much for asking me a question I’m actually excited to answer your question! Hopefully I answer your question right! 🙂 I will inform you when my recorded answer will be up on my blog for you to listen 😀 Thank you again for your support and fast response!

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      1. My pleasure Mr Righteousbruin9! 🙂 Definitely, it is true we committed wrong acts before but there is no point thinking about it, best to take action to try to fix the issue and avoid the act in the future 🙂 I hope my answer was clear to understand, I’m working on it!

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  1. Very nice!
    But why not in your voice instead? 🤔 just thinking…actually coming here from the q&a post of yours and was missing the natural warmth and reality of your voice compared to the synthetic one! 😊

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    1. Your comments actually made me smile Sifar! Thank you for your kind words! Really? Thank you so much! I am glad you find my voice okay! In that case, my next video will be spoken by me 😛 Thank you Sifar! =)

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      1. You mentioned ‘one’ but it always gives me great enjoyment to ask too many!! 😅😅 so here are my 7 questions… you can answer as many as you feel comfortable answering:

        1. Do you believe in being vengeful or being forgiving? And to what extent? Like will you keep forgiving again and again for same thing or will you change stance? What gives more satisfaction to you?
        2. What matters most to you in a person – emotional intelligence OR practical straightforwardness? (You have to select one which is most important or even if it slightly outweighs the other then also it wins)
        3. If God gives you an option to time travel for a day to goto any certain era – to which one you would prefer to go back to know the realities?
        4. Continuing from 3 above, God is more happy with you now and asks you one mystery which you would like to know answer of…then what would it be? (Can be anything you want to know)
        5. If something doesnt directly impact you but is wrong, would you rather take personal losses for standing what is right OR would you just ignore it since it anyway doesnt hamper you much?
        6. Do you think people these days are losing morals and the true essence of being good? Is morality in society something different now than what it was say a decade ago? If yes then how?
        7. Consider a hypothetical situation- you have to stay far away from your family for a great job which supports you and more importantly your family. You are the sole breadwinner of your family. And suppose someday you have an emergency at home but you cant go as your job is at stake. Will you stay back and continue to financially support your family and give everything which is needed except your presence OR you will give up your job and alongwith it financial stability to be with family? Think about long term consequences too before answering


      2. Wow Sifar, seeing this much questions excite me! Your questions are really thought-provoking! I’m excited to answer them! I’ll let you know when I recorded my answer to your question and when you can listen to it. Thank you very much for your fast response and support 🙂

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    1. Hey April! 🙂 Unfortunately I *havn’t actually used this app to give a proper opinion about it but I have heard about the app and how people have used it to meet people in real life! April, do you have another question? Sorry that I cannot answer this question well 😦

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  2. Why you never upload your pictures and selfies..? We want to see you..
    I want to know.. Which young entrepreneur like me.. Who does awesome.. Reviews..
    Look.. If we meet in future.. Somewhere.. How would I recognize you… Only you know how I look..

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  3. My question for you, In this materialistic world success is always counted through money. From your view what you will say as success, or what you will say as meaningful life. What suggestion or advice you will give to a person who wants to achieve in life. Tell your view on whether you respect a person who don’t have money or position but still good in character and knowledgeable

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    1. Dear Subbashini, wow your question is so deep and meaningful! I am actually excited to answer your question! Thank you very much and I will inform you when you can listen to my answer to your question, thank you for your ongoing support! 🙂

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