In reality, conflict is unavoidable when doing a project with other people, especially people you don’t know much about. Conflict may occur due to lack of communication, lack of motivation, lack of commitment or simply poor time management skills.

Regardless of the imperfect nature of a group, we need to understand that we need to work around such imperfections and try our best to accomplish the end result cooperatively. Group projects are liked the least but it doesn’t have to be this way. We can change and make it a pleasant experience for all.

Are you starting uni or is a uni student, this post may help you!

In this post, I will briefly discuss my tips to make a group project more successful based on my experience at school and university;

  • Input/ideas: Ignoring and not acknowledging people’s ideas ain’t a good idea. It creates frustration and conflict. The purpose of a group is to combine everyone’s ideas to ensure everyone’s ideas are taken in account rather than ignored.
  • Never stop communicating: Every member in the group needs to be in the same page. Everyone needs to know what is happening, what the purpose of the assessment is, who is doing what. This may seem common sense but unfortunately it isn’t and people repeat the same mistake. If a decision needs to be made, it is essential to ask every member’s opinion about that decision. Don’t exclude members. Make sure everyone exchanges their contact details.
  • Equal distribution of work: It is unfair to give someone a high load of work when everyone else gets a manageable load. Distribute work fairly.
  • Create and stick to a plan/schedule: for numerous assessments, this has helped me and others understand what needs to be done for the weeks to come. A great way of keeping track of everyone’s progress.
  • Face to Face Meetings – Communicating on a online platform may not work hence to understand and communicate effectively, meeting in person can help. Try to hold at least one face to face meeting to discuss and ensure everyone is in the ‘same page’.
  • Google Slides & Docs: To ensure everyone has access to everyone’s work and to edit everyone’s work, use Google Slides and Google Docs. Ensure all these docs are in one folder so that everyone can access them [Do you want to see my powerpoint presentations, check out my Slideshare profile!)

Useful resources

Some resources which have helped me for my group assessments;

Thank you for reading this post and hope you found it useful. Share your tips below too to help everyone who reads this post! 🙂



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