We have time

to look at other people’s lives

but have no time for ourselves.


What is going on?

Why are you looking

and analysing

other people’s lives?

Do you think it is useful?

Do you think

it will improve yourself?


Do you realise

that you only

lose time

to take care of yourself?


Reading gossip magazines

is no different to this,

reading other people’s problems

and judging them

and giving them criticism.

If we used this energy

for ourselves

we would be close to perfect.


Let others analyse their lives

instead of you


you have a priority

and that is

to spend time

taming yourself

and being a better version

of yourself



Stop the stalking,

stop the spying.

Analyse yourself,

not others.


Success starts

when you

improve yourself first

and later once one

is perfected

helps others

to improve themselves.


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