What is a birthday? Obviously the day we were ‘born’. But in reality, we were born a few months earlier. When we entered our mother’s womb, that’s when we are ‘officially’ ‘alive’. Back to the meaning of a birthday – on every ‘birthday’, we grow one year older. So, what happens when you are getting older? Not sure about your answer but in reality, there is one significant end result from getting old = death. So we are happy that we are closer to death?

Clearly this is often not thought about. Instead of wasting money on parties which only intoxicate people (which results heedlessness), it is best to donate to a charity and most importantly, spending a nice time with your mother. This is a way of thanking her for raising you. How often do you think about your mother on your birthday? It is all about you. But some people fail to thank the person who is the cause of your birth.

If it wasn’t for her, you wouldn’t be living. She had many instances to remove you from her womb but she didn’t. She had genuine love for you. No one can replace her. No matter how much you try to find someone better than her, you will fail to replace her. So on your birthday, thank your mother.

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