Interested in sharing your post with my followers? Keep on reading.  According to Agrawal (2017), guest posting has 11 potential benefits.

What are the 11 benefits?

  1. Instant Exposure to Targeted Traffic
  2. Expands Your Personal Network
  3. Stimulates Social Media Shares
  4. Grows Your Social Media Following
  5. Improves Your Online Authority
  6. Fortifies Your Backlink Profile
  7. Grows Brand Awareness
  8. Generates Qualified Leads
  9. Shortens the Sales Cycle
  10. Receives Useful Feedback from the Community
  11. Sharpens Your Content Marketing Skills
Read Agrawal’s complete post here.

So how does this work? Technically I write a post for your blog and you write a post for my blog. To get started, send me your interest/request using my contact form and I’ll reply you shortly.

In terms of what kind of post you could post on my blog, here are some examples;

  • Friendship tips
  • Study Tips
  • How to manage a problem
  • Life advice and experiences
  • Cooking (eggless please – personal preference!)
  • Inspiration e.g. quotes, life story
  • DIYs (oh oh I would be interested!)
  • Stationary

Remember, these are just suggestions – feel free to suggest anything else! 🙂

Please remember that all collaboration posts should be appropriate and should not contain inappropriate content such as swear words, insults, racist remarks, inappropriate images etc.

Anyways, looking forward in seeing your guest post requests! 🙂

Bye (for now!)


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