Like nearly every year, it comprises both the good and the bad unfortunately. But that’s life – far from flawless. 2018 in summary was pretty okay compared to 2017 but regardless, there is definitely a area of improvement.

Unlike last year’s post, I will keep this post very simple and will not go into detail since it is pretty self explanatory.


Five Precepts

  • Protect the ‘Five Precepts’
  • Donate to charity more
  • Associate with ambitious and striving people
  • Don’t waste time
  • Read more business related books like biographies and advice


  • Spend time with family more
  • Allocate a time to help out in household chores
  • Listen to what parents and siblings say



  • Complete nine units this year
  • Avoid Youtube
  • Implement a effective and practical study timetable


  • Gain work experience
  • Get professional student membership
  • Improve Designo Feedback website and provide quality feedback

Blogging & Social Media


  • Avoid checking social media when I wake up in the morning
  • Go on communication applications like Facebook when needed
  • Register a business number for my blog and Designo Feedback service
  • Get a customised blog domain name
  • Post more DIY videos on my creatiV Instagram

Health & Fitness

  • Avoid sitting on my computer desk too much
  • Do more than three hours of exercise each week (ideally per day 45 minutes)
  • Choose healthy alternatives when eating out
  • Cut sugary snacks (biscuits, chocolates and cake)
  • Monitor weight each month
  • Drink more vitamins

What are your goals? Go ahead and share it in the comments 🙂

Wish you all a pleasant and successful 2019!


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