On Tuesday, I finished my tutorial and went to the station to wait for my bus to arrive. Most of the bus stop seats were not vacant and I was able to find one to sit. A few minutes later, two elderly ladies walked towards to where I was sitting and was looking for vacant seats.

One of the ladies found one vacant seat but the other one couldn’t find one. I immediately stood up and gave her my seat. She was thankful and sat down.


Can I ask you a question? Do you do this in a regular basis? Give your seat to someone who needs it the most? I am not talking about people who actually need to sit down e.g. have a leg pain etc. but I am talking about people who are totally fine to stand up in the bus.

Unfortunately these days I see many younger people who do not give up their seats to the elderly or those who actually need it the most. Such people do not understand the pain elderly people experience. They will only understand when they become elderly.

Respect and help elderly people. They are old gold. Blocks of wisdom. They are aging which is painful. To sit down would help them cope their pain. Their limbs are no longer strong, their eye sight is not that clear and their strength is diminishing. Think this before you go outside. Help those who are in need. This is what makes a good citizen. Having the concern for others as well as yourself.

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