In the morning, I went outside to bring back our rubbish bins from the edge of the road. Shortly, I saw a small envelope near the trees. It was already broken. I picked it up and saw who the envelope belonged to.

Me. It was a packaging envelope for the phone case I ordered a few weeks back. I was waiting for it to arrive so that I can use it to do a DIY project. Someone had already broken the envelope and took the phone case, leaving behind the packaging. Obviously I was disappointed when I saw this. I wasn’t really concerned about how much it cost me to buy the phone case but the act itself.

Stealing other people’s mail is wrong. It causes frustration in others. I was annoyed when I found out. It annoyed me more how they just broke the parcel and threw away the packaging on our front yard.

This incident made me realise how it is sorrowful for others who are victims of theft. This is clearly a small-scale act of stealing but imagine bigger acts? Stolen homes? Stolen loved ones? Stolen possessions?

Never steal because it causes pain to others as well as yourself. Stealing does not make you successful, it only diminishes one’s success – inside and out. This incident motivated me to not steal even the smallest bit from anyone. We should not take what is not freely given to us. Stealing is the quality of the immoral hence, let’s be the wise and avoid stealing!


    1. That’s true Mr Righteousbruin9! It is a ridiculous act, reflecting poorly on the doer. I unfortunately have done similar things in my childhood but now that I am more aware of my actions and its consequences, I try my best to avoid as it does not benefit me or others. 🙂

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