Addiction is

what I call this.

This inhumane behavior

grotesque in every dimension.


What behavior?

There’s many to list

but a couple

worth mentioning.


The addiction

to the five senses.


The addiction to feeling.

The addiction to taste.

The addiction to sound.

The addiction to sight.

The addiction to smell.


Indeed is that broad


it is self explanatory.


The addiction relating to taste

would be the immoderate

consumption of food.


The addiction relating to sight

would be the constant

glance of violence.



is far from success.


is a path

to self destruction.


By eradicating addiction

we can certainly

experience peace.


Some may say

that a small

addiction won’t do any harm.


Little do they know

their level of ignorance

as their addictions

slowly kill them


and physically.


Hence be strategic

and wise my friend

it is not too late

to be a good lad.


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