Sometimes we don’t like to be replaced. Sometimes we may not like the fact that the person who replaced us in a certain situation, does a better job than us. This is clearly a sign of jealousy or envy. These are certainly not good qualities to possess.


We need to discard all origins of jealousy and learn to realise that people could be better or worse than us in certain circumstances.

People get replaced.

Things get replaced.

People’s skills change.

People’s circumstances change.

People’s tastes change.

Hence, it is easy for someone to be replaced for someone else. That’s nature of this world. Subject to change. Best not to develop unclean feelings over impermanent situations. Learn to rejoice in other people’s success and develop empathy for other people’s failures.


    1. Hello Ms Bushra!
      Thank you for your lovely comment! ❤ 🙂
      That's so true, it is sad to know we are replaces, especially in work or friendship situations 😦


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