This body, nothing more or nothing less than a combination of bones, vessels, feces, blood, organs, veins, skin, saliva, muscle, gorge, mucus and fat.

Unpleasant in nature, unpleasant in smell, unpleasant in appearance, unpleasant to be attached to. One may mask this body with perfumes, make up, beautiful clothing – but the true nature of this body cannot be hidden nor changed.

Image result for skeleton body gif
Source: Pinterest

There is nothing beautiful in this body hence, eradicate all attachment to this body which will be left behind when the last breath exits. One who understands the impermanence and reality of this body will exit this world peacefully as they do not have greed for something that is grotesque in nature.


    1. That’s true Mr Righteousbruin9! 🙂 One’s character, emotions and morality is what makes people beautiful, it is the beauty that lasts longer. The physical appearance is subject to decay and change. Unfortunately people look for physical appearance only and make decisions which they regret later!

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