Nearly everyday

my mother

would call me

to massage her legs.


Her legs are in pain

nearly everyday

and if I massage

her legs before

she falls asleep –

she can sleep smoothly.


If I don’t do this,

she will not sleep comfortably.


If you know

that one action

can make your parents

be in comfort

you should do it regardless!


When I was in pain,

my mother was there.

She would not sleep

the night I was unwell.

She would care for me

even if she got no sleep

to ensure I am recovering.


Thanking your mother enough

is impossible.

You cannot thank her enough.

She did so much things to you

that you cannot pay the debt

in this life.


She sacrificed time,

sacrificed meals,

sacrificed her beauty to raise you,

sacrificed her life to take care of you.

She deserves the best,

the best only.


    1. That’s good to hear that your mother is well taken cared of, Mr Righteousbruin9. For a mother to have the mind to stay alone shows her mental strength which have been influenced by her children. She can stay alone peacefully because her children must be treating her well. To give a mother peace is a incomparable good deed, keep it up Sir! 🙂

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