While mom

takes care of us

at home –

dad finds a way

to make money

for our survival.


A love of a father

like a mother

is unconditional,

true and pure.


Our fathers try their best

to protect us from danger.


Our fathers would sacrifice

their own food

to put a smile in our faces

as well as to

relieve our hunger.


Our fathers are willing

to walk miles

to build

a sustainable life

for us.


The qualities of a father

is incomparable

as well as incomprehenable

to anyone in this world.


Respect your father everyday,

they are worthy

of respect and honour.


    1. I send you my deepest condolences for your father’s loss, Mr Righteousbruin9. He seemed like a great father, fulfilling his duties well for his family. You are fortunate to have such father as well as he is fortunate to have a son like you. Usually people don’t see their own value 😉 So don’t say that! I am sure your son values your presence and the things you have done for him. I respect you, Sir!

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