To send your parents to nursing homes, or even worse – strand them alone in the street – is that how you thank them for taking care of you unconditionally when you were unable to do it yourself?

No one in this world cares and loves you like your parents, no one can honestly replace them. Stop valuing those who don’t even have value when there are people who have genuine value: your parents.

It is a pity to hear stories of children kicking their parents out when they are grown and have their own family hence, requires no use of their parents.


  1. My mother-in-law has had her loving daughters care for her, for four years now. She will stay in the family home until the day she dies. My mother is in the house in which my siblings and I grew up. She will stay there as long as she is able, with my brother and sister, who live not far away, checking on her daily.

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    1. Hi Mr Righteousbruin9! 🙂
      That’s great to hear that your mother-in-law is taken care by her daughters and it is also great that your mother is in the your family house – unfortunately, this is not common and your mother and mother in law is fortunate to be taken care by caring children like you.
      Most children these days are very selfish and have little care for their parents. Keep it up, Mr R! 😀 The one who helps their parents will go to a pleasant destination! 🙂


  2. Non pious individuals can do this easily with no mercy and pity. Loved to a part of this post because it is one of the most important topics that people need to take this as reminder. But remember, children when do this to parent, it will return back later when they age. Karma will take its cycle for sure.

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    1. Thank you for your nice comment, Mr Hussein! 😀 That’s so true, if one breeds a evil action – the consequences will automatically breed its consequences. When you think about it, there is no such thing as injustice in this world – whatever that happens to us are due to our past misdeeds. Our priority now is to do good and ensure the consequences of our good deeds fill up 🙂


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