What is a merit book? I do not know the ‘technical’ English name for this but I refer it as the merit book because it is simply a book filled with the merits/good deeds I have done so far in my life.

Whenever I read it, I feel positive and it motivates me to fill up the book which means, motivates me to do more good deeds! Any book can be used as your merit book, the book itself do not matter = what it contains is what matters! Possessing a merit book is common among Buddhists, especially in the elderly population. As seen below, my merit book is a plain pink small notebook which I got from a dollar store. It is a good size because I can simply take it when I go travelling.

Images @DONIW (1)
Old Merit Book

However, recently I got a stationery set from my best friend which had this lovely A5 notebook. Because my current merit book is running out of space, I decided to upgrade it to this new one. With merit books, the more pages you have the better so keep that in mind if you plan to have one.

My Merit Book (C) @DONIW
My Current Merit Book

Why do I have a merit book? A merit book is simply used to keep track of the good things I have so far done in this life and literally remember it! Good deeds can include things you have donated, a situation when you helped someone out etc.

A great king in the past had a merit book which contains all the good deeds he have done in the past and when he was in his deathbed, it was read to them and he died peacefully by remembering one of his significant good deeds. You pass away peacefully by remembering good deeds!

Whenever I do a good deed, I would add it on the list. It makes me feel great, accomplishing something which is morally upright! It is satisfying to add good deeds in the book. Filling this book with good deeds is a dream! I totally recommend you guys to do it, it is a great inspirational boost! 🙂

My Merit Book (C) @DONIW (1).png

Now, I’ll give you some tips in relation to your potential merit book;

  • smaller the book, the better:
    • amount of pages: more than 100 pages is preferable
    • book size: A5 or half of A5 would be fine (you can go big but smaller the better because you can easily travel with it)
  • write good deeds in this book only, don’t write anything else in that book – keep that book specifically for writing your good deeds
  • read it regularly
  • let it encourage you to do good deeds so that you can add it on the book and feel like your accomplished something life changing!
  • recommend it to others, start with your parents!

I hope you find this post useful.

I hope this post inspires you to possess your own merit book!

Kind regards,


Originally Published on the 2nd of September, 2017

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