Heya Uniquifiers, it’s me (UniquelyMe!) ♥

Ah, happiness. Let’s face it, it’s one of the main goals in all our lives. But how do we truly achieve the ultimate level of happiness? Well, luckily for you, I’ll be talking about just that in my post today. Hope you’re all having a great Friday! Let’s get started!

1.) Satisfaction.

This is actually one of the most important qualities to being happy! If you’re one of those people who tend to go super green-eyed when seeing your friends with that new car, or that girl on the train with the new Michael Kors handbag, (guilty!) then that’s something you’ve got to stop. Like, now. By being jealous and dissatisfied with your own life, then you’ll most likely spend a huge chunk of your existence wanting and wanting instead of just sitting back and admiring what makes you special.

This means that you’ll always be wanting more and more, no matter how much you get! When feeling envious and wanting to hurt a certain person for that reason, then a tip is to be as nice as you can towards them and hope that they’ll get even more, so then in the future karma won’t come and bite you back 😉.

Image result for i am not jealous gif

2.) Generosity.

Believe it or not, the more generous you are towards others, the more self-fulfilling you’ll feel. With me, some people say that I’m too generous… (There is a limit. I once gave a girl in my class I hardly ever spoke to ten pounds for a McDonald’s.) But hey! Once you do something for someone else, you’ll feel a sense of peace inside of you that makes you feel good about yourself and the person feel good about you, too!

It’s a win-win situation! If you hate sharing your nachos with your best friend on a movie night, think of it like this: By sharing, you’re actually doing it for yourself by making yourself feel good, and not for them. Well, excluding the irritating fact that they got the last jalapeño.

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3.) Friends & Family.

Come on, admit it. We’re all happiest when surrounded by people we love, even if we like to claim that we’re ‘mysterious lone-wolves.’ If you think about it, you’ll realize how special friends really are. They’re people that you pick to be part of your life, that you choose to share secrets with. They make you laugh when you’re feeling blue, and they’ll make you cry when you argue, because that’s when you know how important they really are to you.

You wouldn’t cry over someone you wouldn’t care about, right? And with family, well, family will always be there for you, whether you look your worse (yes, even on a bad hair day) or even if you act your worse. They’ll be there for your best and your ugliest moments, and they won’t judge. If there are people who make you smile and laugh, who make you feel good about yourself and don’t judge you, then those people are truly exceptional – don’t ever leave them.

Image result for friends and family

4.) Hobbies & Passions.

Yes, even this counts as one! If you have hobbies, even if it’s just relaxing in bed and watching Netflix, then do them! Doing the things you love will always guarantee you happiness. Sometimes, you’ve just got to let loose and treat yourself every now and then, without having to worry about the stress of work or that assignment you’ve got to give in next week.

If you’re really, actually passionate about something – whether that’s writing and reading, dance, music, acting, art, science – whatever it is, then you should go ahead and pursue your talents. You’re probably happiest when doing what you love, so my advice is, if you’re going to get a job that has good pay but is agonizingly long, then you might as well get a job you actually enjoy! Comment down below what you love doing in your spare time… I’d love to know!

Image result for messy work desk

5.) Stay healthy!

I know, I know, sports is not something I enjoy… At. All. But to be ‘healthy’ or ‘fit’ doesn’t necessarily include doing sports (although football is the only sport I do like)! Even going for a walk around the park or keeping a balanced diet really helps!

Studies have shown that when people go for a walk and breathe in some fresh air before sitting down to work or study, they’re more likely to do better in whatever they’re doing academically. Here is a picture of your brain before and after a 20 minute walk:

brain exercise 2

Wow, right? Staying healthy will keep your body and your brain happy, as well as your spiritual side of things. Sometimes it’s nice to just admire nature and clear your brain for a while, you know?

Image result for healthy life gif

And… That’s it for this short post! Happiness is something that we can’t live without, like water, air and Netflix. So, you should make sure you stay like that – contended and carefree. Don’t do things if they’ll upset you. Before jumping into anything, think: Will this benefit me? Or am I just doing this for another reason?

After all, we only have one life, so we might as well live it! What really is our sole purpose in this Universe? Ah, forget it. Let’s just be happy! Here’s a sprinkle of flowers, unicorns and rainbows for you, and for you, oh – and for you too. (I need to work on my blogging skills!) But for now…

Have an amazing day, and Stay UniquelyYou! ♥

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    1. If it ain’t for your awesome post, this would not be possible! Thank you UniquelyMe for sharing your inspirational post! 🙂 I hope many people read your post and get inspired! 🙂 Kind regards, Doni 🙂

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      1. Aww, thank you girl! Hey, we were in this together (*cue high school musical*) and thank YOU also for asking for the collab in the first place! I’m not that great in my eyes, but you made me believe otherwise. Thank you! You’re a great and kind blogger and I know people will love you loads (:

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