The last call

you dread

may ring

any moment

any second

any minute

any hour

any day

any year.

But that’s a reality

you must accept

as it is the nature

of this world

to enter and depart.


A continuous process

which we are either

blind of

or too bothered

to commit to end.


The careless

the unmindful

think they have time

and think

that the consequences

of their mistakes

do not occur

and as a result,

they commit evil schemes

which they believe

to be permanent



When in reality,

such schemes result

temporary satisfactions

and cause

self destruction.

Not just mental

destruction but

physical destruction.


Wealth will diminish

dignity  will be destroyed

people will find them appalling

and so will they.


Yet they fail

to not learn

from their mistakes

but when they

finally try

to live a correct life –

it will be too late

to turn back

because the telephone

is calling.


Calling for their last breath,

calling for decay,

calling for departure.


It is then,


the person they

once called ‘theirs’

depart and face

the evil consequences

of their past misdeeds.


You cannot blame

anyone for the bad

deeds you commit.

You have to pay the price.

No one is going to pay

the price of the

bad deeds you committed.


That’s the law of this world.

Hence motivate yourself

to be a good person


before it is too late

to turn back.


Don’t wait for the

telephone to ring

to correct

one’s mind,

one’s speech

and one’s behavior.

Listen to this writing;


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