is nothing but

a harm

to one’s life.

What is carelessness?

Carelessness is simply

not paying attention

to the actions one commits. 


One who is careless

is not mindful.

They commit actions

without thinking


Without thinking


Without observing.

Without realising.


Carelessness is a ruin

to one’s life

as they live

a life full of errors

and ignorance.


One who is careless

is likely to miss opportunities.

Likely to face failure.

Likely to run into a tree.

Likely to experience mental defilements.

Likely to commit negligence.

Likely to be far from success.

Likely to be scrolled by irritated individuals.

Likely to be excluded from society.


Be more mindful my friend.

Pay attention.

Be awake.

Don’t live in fantasy.

Live in reality.

Pay pay pay pay pay

attention next time

and till the last breath.


Listen to this read out loud!

*Writing is blue is extracted from the website

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