Hi everyone! I just want to announce that there will be a Part 2 of my Q&A video. Feel free to ask questions below and I may answer your question in my next video which will be posted before I go back to university (30th July). I am not sure when I will be able to publish this video/answers to your questions but I’ll try my best to do it asap.

Before you comment your questions, please read the following;

  • Make sure your questions are not racist, inappropriate, too personal.
  • I am clearly no expert – I am just a university student who has different opinions/views! My opinions and views may not collide with yours.
  • This Q&A is done just for fun, interaction and opinion.
  • There is no guarantee that all questions will be answered, only the questions I select will be answered.

Please post your questions before the 25th of July (date extended).

Looking forward in reading your questions!


1 Comment

  1. Yayy…i got a chance!!! 😀 i missed last time 😦
    Ok so you can choose to answer any of the following questions whichever you are most comfortable with to answer (or all if you feel so! 😀):
    1. What gives you the most happiness or satisfaction?
    2. Given a chance to change one thing in this world, what would it be for you?
    3. Do you have anyone who has inspired you or impacted you in any way as to how you are today?
    4. Favourite and most hated subject and why?
    5. Ethics vs morals – which one would you give higher preference to?

    PS: apologies in advance if any question offended you or was too personal!!

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