#archiveweek | Life is not easy for the rich or the poor. Both parties, despite economical status is subject to suffering in some extent. 

But regardless of this nature, you should not lose your motivation to live. You are capable than you think. You should not let one circumstance be the reason of your death. There is plenty of reasons to be alive, you just haven’t uncovered the best reasons yet.

Not for anyone else, but for yourself. You will be exposed to many opportunities in the present or future. You just need to be patient regardless of the pain, emotional or physical you experience. Patience is what keeps us alive.

Keep strong my friend, trust me – it does get better. Take me as a example, a few years ago circumstances were horrible but I am still striving to keep strong. What I can do, you can definitely do. You are more worthy of life than you think. You can make today a new day.

It is not too late to start over.

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