Those who consume poisonous fluids and solids do not think what will happen to them in the long term. The more they consume, the closer they are to death and disease.

They indulge in temporary satisfactions which only cause downfall to oneself. It is not too late to change oneself and to avoid dying at a younger age. It needs to be priority. There are more lasting satisfactions in life. Satisfactions that do not have disease as a side effect.


  1. Many of these satisfactions, in addition to causing early death, have wider implications, such as the current immigration crisis and bankruptcies on a huge scale. Money wasted on drugs could well go towards building a genuinely good life.

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    1. That’s so true Mr Righteousbruin9 🙂 Having such toxic and temporary satisfactions have many implications, not only impacting oneself’s success but impacting society at large. That’s so true, the money people have invested on drugs could have created a great life instead.

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