Hi fellow followers! On the day this post gets published, I will do two exams for Marketing and Operations. Glad there is a 1.5 hour gap between them! I hope I do well. Can’t wait to come back home after my exams and be finally free (until the next semester!).

Anyway, thought I share with you a couple of ‘inspirational’ wallpapers to customize your desktop. You got four designs to choose from. Click your desired wallpaper to download. This is my virtual gift for you guys.

Wallpaper #1  | Give


Wallpaper #2 | Time is Limited


Wallpaper #3 | You are worth it

You are worth it.png

Wallpaper #4 | Start Fresh


I hope you guys like the wallpapers and end up using them!

Bye (for now)



    1. Thank you Maya! Glad you liked my wallpapers 😉 Thank you so much for nominating me for this award, what a nice surprise after finishing my exams! =) Thank you Maya! x


      1. Thank you Maya! 😀 Hopefully I pass my exams hehe 🙂 BTW, I just uploaded a new video on my channel – your feedback would be really great! 😀


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