Good day everyone!

Today I would like to announce a couple of things regarding my blog.

Unfollow Accident

As most of you know from my previous post – a few days ago I accidentally unfollowed some of you and because of my previous issue with the follow function, I cannot redo this action. It is pretty frustrating as I am unable to follow blogs I have a genuine interest in reading. Your patience would be appreciated whilst I fix this issue after my exams. Thought I inform you in case you got offended that I unfollowed you. I will follow you guys back as soon as the issue gets fixed.

Blog Schedule

I have exams coming up late this month hence, my blogging activity will be reduced. I got two exams in one day so it is going to be pretty tough! But after exams, my blogging will be heavy again! 😛 I scheduled some quotes and a miscellaneous post leading up to my exams so you guys won’t really miss much from me!

Post Suggestions

After my exams, I am planning to do a DIY focused Youtube + Instagram and occasional miscellaneous content. It would be great if you guys leave me some suggestions below because I will be full on serious about this. I also need to upload my Q&A with most of you guys’ questions – apologies for the delay!

Wish you a productive week and catch you guys properly after my exams.



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