I read a post.

And it was

one of the worst.

Swear words hit my eyes.

Disgust. Dismay.

Left the page,

in discomfort.

And now while

I write this,

I ponder

what triggers

such mind

to write such

evil words.


Be careful what you write.

Don’t scar anyone.

Don’t scare anyone.

Don’t be a bad role model

to yourself

and others.


Hear this writing being read out loud!


Originally Published on the 1st June, 2018.


    1. Hi Mr Hussein! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment πŸ˜€ What influenced me to write this post was after reading a post with a fair amount of swearwords which just made me uncomfortable on the spot! As dramatic as it sounds, it did actually make me uncomfortable. Swearwords give negative vibes so obviously, that’s how I felt and thought it would be appropriate to remind others how one’s speech has a impact on other people’s mind πŸ˜›


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